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New Logo Design!

by Salzus, 8 days ago

Here is a sneak peak of the new logo, more to follow: 





This one should fit in game:





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Lore update

by Nogrim, 9 days ago

alright your filthy maggots since i won't be playing AA anytime soon (still have a founders account if anyone wants its it) i will be using the time to do some rewrites and additions to the guild lore.

why do you need to know that?


well specifically demorox and millerz.

demeorox im going to hit you up on steam for some info soon, i assume you have read the other lore i've done so far, if you have any ideas for your avatar please start brainstorming a bit, ill be asking you a bunch of questions to refine the character design to be as much you as possible


Millerz same deal, but you need to come up with a more demon-y name


for basic refrence the order is similar to LoL in that the members come from all walks of life (liek the guild) and undergo a transformation once they have been blessed by the master (aka big daddy caine)


the caine myth is sort of a hodge podge of caine of caine and able, cursed to walk the earth forever and marked for his deeds. there is some loose association to the lore of Vampire the masquerade (although im not a huge fan its got some good caine lore)

basically caines a demon who grants our characters a little bit of his power and then goes back to sleep while we hammer out the dirty work for him.


Salzus - the shifter

Nogrim - the necromancer

Nottan - the hound (this ones a WIP)


think small details about you that i can work in to them, if you have a bad temper, a lazy eye anything notable about you that i can weave in to the character to make it your own.


once these are done i will be fleshing out more with the ranks and their lore as things expand i will be working down the rankings to do more of these for those who have put in time.


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